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2016 Bash   

Margaret Fain Elementary
Home of the Eagles 
Welcome and thank you for visiting Margaret Fain Elementary School’s website. Our school has a rich history in the Adamsville community. Originally built in 1927 under the name “Hemphill School” it was renamed Margaret Fain Elementary in 1940. 
The school was named after the Fain family that resided in the Adamsville community.



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Good Behavior Celebration

4/4 - 4/8

Spring Break

4/13 - GMAS Begins

Wednesday 4/13 - English/Language Arts 

Thursday 4/14 - ELA - Writing Portion 

Monday 4/18 - Math 

Tuesday 4/19 - Science 

Wednesday 4/20 - Social Studies

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Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act


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Report Address Fraud and Ethics Violations
Report address fraud: 404-802-3540 or by email   
Report ethics violations: 1-877-801-7754