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Welcome to the SCIENCE LAB!
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What's coming C.P.E. Family? Should we run and hide? NO! Just the opposite - put the word out to your friends. Big changes have arrived at Centennial Place Elementary Mad Scientist Lab. A major upgrade to the lab, more games, more experiments, and as you've come to expect from C.P.E. - there's nothing ordinary about what you'll see!


Principles of Floatation (easy)
Ever wonder why a really heavy boat floats while a small rock sinks like a... uhhh, rock? Have you noticed that while in the pool, if you stretch out flat you will float but if you curl up in a ball you will sink? Grab your lab coats and head for the kitchen sink - our first science experiment demonstrates those puzzling floatation principles.

Capillary Action in Action (intermediate)
What if I were to tell you that I could make water flow uphill? Now wait, don't leave yet - this is serious. This lab experiment will show you that what goes up doesn't always have to come back down.

Slip sliding away...(advanced)  
How would you like to have your very own hovercraft. You know - the futuristic vehicle that travels on air hovering inches above the ground. We'll grab your coats and head for the door. In this lab exercise we're fixing to create a real, working hovercraft... OK, so it's only big enough for a mouse but then again, you don't have a driver's license so what'd you expect?


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