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  • Approved February Minutes

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 3/13/2014
    Approved February Minutes
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  • Approved 1/9/14 Minutes

    Posted by Ashley Adamo at 3/11/2014

    Approved 1/9/14 Minutes

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  • Approved 12/12/13 Minutes

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 1/23/2014
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  • Draft of 12/12 Minutes

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 1/6/2014
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  • January 9 Meeting

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 12/19/2013

    Our next LSC meeting will be on January 9, at 8:05. John Keltz, Research Associate-Evaluator, Research and Evaluation for School Improvement, will be our guest speaker. John will be comparing Mary Lin's CRCT scores to similar schools in the district. He will also discuss Value Added and how that is used to determine academic student growth. This meeting will take place in the auditorium. All are welcome! Thanks, Dr. Mitchell

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  • 12/12/13 Summary of Meeting

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 12/13/2013

    Click here

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  • Draft of 11/14/13 Minutes

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 12/3/2013

    Draft of minutes

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  • Minutes from 10/16/13 Meeting

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 11/14/2013

    Please click here to access the minutes. Thanks! Dr. Mitchell

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  • Summary of Members Present and Subjects Acted On

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 11/14/2013

    Mary Lin Elementary School

    Local School Council


    November 14, 2013

    Summary of Members Present & Subjects Acted On


    Members in attendance:  Tamara Jones, Jeff Shaw, Kate Sandhaus, Anne Steib, Sarah Cook, Brian Mitchell, Lori Green, Kelly Crutcher, Julie Noble, Boyd Baker, Cynthia Baer, Sherry Neal, Will Shevlin


    Subjects acted on:

    I.          Amendment of bylaws (approved)


    II.        Creation of LSC email (approved)

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  • Meeting Minutes, 9/19/13

    Posted by BRIAN MITCHELL at 10/18/2013

    Local School Council Minutes

    Thursday, September 19, 2013, 8:10am


    In attendance:Jeff Shaw (Chair), Anne Steib (Secretary), Scott McClain, John Siebenaler, Jennifer Hubert, Michelle Hughes, Tamara Jones, Cynthia Baer, Boyd Baker, Kate Sandhaus, Julie Noble, Kelly Crutcher, Sarah Cook, Sherry Neal, Brian Mitchell, Ashley Adamo and Todd Kimball.

    1.  New member introduction

    A.   Kate Sandhaus, Sherry Neal, Julie Noble, Sarah Cook, Boyd Baker, Kelly Crutcher.

    B.   Will Shevlin and Jeff Shaw reelected.

    C.   Cynthia Baer, Tamara Jones, Scott McClain, Anne Steib are continuing members with one year remaining of term.

    D.   Todd Kimball and Lori Green are teacher members.  Dr. Brian Mitchell is a member as principal.

    E.   Thank you to outgoing members – Jennifer Hubert, Shannon Kettering, Michelle Hughes and John Siebenaler.

    2.  LSC Social/Meet-and-greet.

    A.   To be held at Will Shevlin’s house Sunday, September 22, from 2-4pm.  All incoming and outgoing LSC members invited to attend.

    3.  APS LSC Training

    A.   September 23 at Jackson, from 11:30 – 1pm.

    4.  Abby Martin

    A.   Spoke to us as a Grady parent and CINS co-president, regarding overcrowding at Grady, encouraging Mary Lin parents to get involved concerning the Grady capacity issue.

    5.  Election of new chair, vice chair and secretary to take place at the next LSC meeting on Thursday, October 10th.

    A.   Jeff is open to running for re-election for chair;

    B.   Sarah expressed interest in chair;

    C.   Sherry expressed interest in secretary.

    6.  Building Update

    A.   Brian meeting with the architects, APS and Hogan (contractor) on September 27th.

                                  i.    No construction will start on September 23rd, maybe the 30th.

    B.   Factors still pending.

                                  i.    The Land Use Permit;

                                 ii.    Finalization of traffic patterns.

                                iii.    Jeff and Tamara discuss that we are now 3 months behind on a schedule that depended on a September start.

                               iv.    Brian tells us he will give us an update on the 27th following his meeting.

    C.   Tamara suggested a Kick-off meeting once we have the land use permit, as well as communicating updates to the Mary Lin community.

    D.    Procedures to communication

                                  i.    Sarah to develop a sub-committee for Building communication.  She will develop an outline to the process, and work with along with Sherry and Ashley.

                                 ii.    Vote approved the development of communication sub-committee.

    E.   Jennifer suggests that Kate Sandhaus replace her as co-chair on the Building Committee. Vote approved. Kate and Tamara will act as co-chairs.

    7.  Follow-up letter to Davis regarding Inman capacity issue.

    A.   Jeff composed letter in support of Davis’ plan for Inman. Vote to approve letter.

    8.  Parent Network

    A.   Committee formed to develop how network will operate. Made up of Boyd Baker, Cynthia Baer and Julie Noble.

                                  i.    Will give the LSC a report at October 10th meeting.

    9.  Math Superstars

    A.   2nd graders are not meeting in their homerooms.  Teacher are able to opt out of having their rooms used for this program.

    B.   We were assured that there is space for all students to meet whether it is in their homeroom, or another room.

                                  i.    Todd expressed that if we need the space a teacher could open up their room.

    10.   Special Education update.

    A.   Brian states that we are within state requirements in terms of square footage.

    B.   Anne to send link to Ashley from the DOE site regarding other requirements regarding room capacity for special education.

    11.   Laptops

    A.   At least 10 teachers are in need of workable laptops in order to fulfill their day-to-day work functions.

                                  i.    Brian has put in a ticket. To follow-up September 23rd.

    12.   Leveling

    A.   Mary Lin gained an EIP position, but Brian declined position, because of the inability to interview person beforehand, and because of funding sources that are separate from general teachers.

                                  i.    Principals can protect top 20% and bottom 20% during leveling.

                                 ii.    Currently, the leveling policy is last-in, first-out (LIFO)

    13.   Long-term subs

    A.   This APS-wide issue has not been resolved. Lists are not current, and list teachers who may be retired or deceased.

                                  i.    We have 4 teachers scheduled to need a long-term sub this year:

    1.   Rosenbleeth (4th) – November

    2.   Green (1st) – March

    3.   Derrico (1st) – March

    4.   Rogers (3rd) – April

    B.   Brian states that long-term subs will shadow teachers and parents will meet the sub a week before.

    C.   Brian states that we can find acceptable subs off the APS list and get them fast-tracked to be put on the list. Vicki Rafferty is an example.

    14.   9:55am, meeting adjourned.  Next meeting will be Thursday, October 10th (this meeting was rescheduled to Wednesday, September 15th).

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